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Lord Clothing Autumn Winter 2011 Catalogue
We started back in the 80's supplying quality clothing with a cheeky sense of humor to riders and skaters. We grew when the industry grew and when it contracted, we had to tighten our belts and hibernate for a bit.
Now, things are looking good so we're back! 
Appearing under the umbrella of 12 distribution we are still making quality clothing for anybody with a sense of fun. BMX, MTB, FMX, whatever!
We'd love to hear your thoughts, ideas or opinions and the best way for you to talk to us is by Face book. We're all across that shit.
Like us and get a regular stream of stuff we like or things we've found, as well as product updates, competitions and special offers.
You can also reach us through Bruce at 12 Distribution, fine fella that he is.

Bruce Slater  Brand Manager 12 Distribution

T: 01332 341412

M:07570 468310

F: 01332 341412 E:

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